Indian Desserts


Indian Dessert Selection
A selection of our authentic Indian desserts (gulab jamun, kulfi & kheer)

7,90 €

Gulab Jamun
Light Indian dumplings dipped in a sweet saffron syrup and served with scoop of vanilla ice cream

5,90 €

Homemade, exotically spiced indian frozen dessert with mango

4,90 €

Deep Fried Ice Cream
A cold surprise in a hot treat

5,90 €

Rice Kheer
Rice pudding cooked with sweet milk and a hint of cardamom served cold

4,90 €




Sweet Lassi 3,90 €
Mango-Mint Lassi 3,90 €
Strawberry Lassi 4,50 €
Cobra Beer 3,90 €
Kingfisher Beer 3,90 €

We offer a range of bottled beers and other drinks.

 VAT included